Minot Curling Club

Minot Curling Club

Our 2020-21 Season has ended for the year, but we will be starting open houses again in November. Please like us on Facebook and email us early to get on our mailing list if you are interested in curling next year. 2021-22 Team Registration ends in November.

Upcoming work nights for 2021-22 season:

The 2021-22 Curling season will start later this fall. Tentative dates for “work nights” are:
October 20- Boards out and plant start up
October 27- Flooding
November 3- White paint night
November 10- Circles and Lines
November 29-30/ December-1,2 Open House and league registration.

Air Base Curling league to start in January 2022.

See you at the rink.

Championship Winners:

A – City Championship Winners: Can Am Curling Crew – Mike Eslinger, Corwin Enns, David Abrahamson, Kevin Voeller.
Runner Up: Dirty Biters
B – City Championship Winners: Superior Cleaning – Angie Rostad, Lloyd MacDonald, Brad Peterson, Rick Philion
Runner Up: Boles

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